As the Creative Director of Loam, an environmental arts organization and magazine, I collaborate with incredible artists and activists to inspire sustainable living and systems change through diverse arts, education, and environmental initiatives. From Loam's biannual carbon neutral print publication to our artist-activist workshops, my mission is to grow Loam into an inclusive and inspiring space—both online and in-person—for my community to explore strategies for resistance, resilience, and regeneration.

Since 2013, I have worked in urban agriculture as a photographer, farmer, and community outreach coordinator. At East New York Farms! in Brooklyn, NY, I had the incredible fortune to work with a passionate team of social activists and innovative farmers to grow my gardening skills and hone my understanding of the alternative food movement. Energized by my experience in biodynamic food and farming, I received a Permaculture Design Certification from the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in March 2017.

In 2015, I received the Brower Youth Award for my work with Wild Walls, a vertical gardening initiative that I developed on my school campus to bring free fruits and vegetables to my community. In 2017, I was named a Spiritual Ecology Fellow. Thanks to this fellowship, I will have the opportunity to bring my book Hope: Embodied into being. Hope: Embodied is a multimedia resource guide to environmental activism that will explore the embodied trauma of living through the climate crisis and the power of embodied hope in healing our world.

I am currently the Director of Special Events for Be Zero, a Boulder-based nonprofit that organizes trash diet workshops and social hours to provide people with the support system to learn how to live a little lighter on this earth. I am also a freelance grant writer for environmental nonprofits doing radical work in this world.

As a passionate advocate for creative community collaboration, I always love to nurture new relationships with artists and activists. Please do reach out if you're interested in working on a project that supports sustainability and systems change!