As the Creative Director of Loam, an environmental arts organization and magazine, I collaborate with incredible artists and activists to inspire sustainable living and systems change. Since 2013, I have worked in urban agriculture as a photographer, farmer, and community outreach coordinator. At East New York Farms! in Brooklyn, NY, I had the incredible fortune to work with a passionate team of social activists and innovative farmers to grow my gardening skills and hone my understanding of the alternative food movement. More recently, I worked at the The Side Yard, a farm-to-table catering company in Portland, OR, as well as assisted with food waste education and events at Blue Hill Stone Barns. These experiences have affirmed my passion for cultivating meaningful experiences that help us connect both to one another and to our environment.

In 2015, I received the Brower Youth Award for my environmental activism. I currently travel across the country speaking on joy-driven activism, creativity, and engaging younger generations in environmentalism.