Loam is an environmental arts organization that publishes a carbon neutral print magazine as well as organizes creative workshops. Our hope is to use our publication, podcast, and events to illuminate initiatives and individuals making waves in the realm of environmental music, fashion, food, and design. Co-Editor Nicole Stanton and I see creativity and sustainability in symbiosis.

Loam is a collaborative space for cultivating sustainability practices but it’s also a playful platform for profiling all the good stuff that’s growing in our community. We've nurtured successful partnerships with incredible stewards such as Be Zero and profiled rad organizations such as Hot Bread Kitchen. With an audience of 22,000 and growing, Loam is truly thriving. 


Celebrated poet Lily Myers and I founded The Shapes We Make with the intention of creating an online space for young women to explore holistic feminism. We write about everything from reimagining ecofeminism to period pride as well as host a podcast series that tackles a range of issues. We are currently at work on our first book. 


Kate's Luncheonette is a farm-to-table supper club and creative consultancy. Named for the restaurant that my great-aunt Kate ran in the Hudson Valley for many years, Kate's Luncheonette is about creating experiences that connect us to the earth and to one another. By merging my years of experience in urban agriculture with my passion for event planning and low-waste living, my hope is to cultivate dining spaces that are collaborative, sustainable, and affordable.