In 2015, I received a Brower Award for my work with both LOAM and Wild Walls. Wild Walls is a vertical gardening project designed to beautify public spaces, help students connect to gardening, and raise awareness about the benefits of the green wall movement (such as cleaner air and reduced electricity usage). My Wild Walls program can be modified to meet the needs of diverse educational communities and I take care to collaborate with schools to develop a program that is financially feasible and best engages the student body.


My nature writing course is designed for upper-level elementary school students. I hope to use this program to foster an early appreciation of and engagement with the outdoors. Over the course of a day, I guide students through a "sit spot" (a five-minute meditation in nature) as well as a tour of their school grounds. I provide short, handmade books for each student to use. After a short writing lesson--and a chance to decorate their books—we return again outside and the students are asked to find their same sit-spot and write about what they see, hear, feel for fifteen minutes. The day concludes with an opportunity for the students to share their stories over an outdoor picnic that I will cater.